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All-in-one reverse osmosis pure water machine
0.5 m3/h All-in=one reverse osmosis pure water machine


This pure water production line filters sand, filter carbon, ion -exchangers as well as reverse osmosis and ozone generators .The ideal pure water production process is generally attained through simple techniques resulting in high water quality, ease of operation and maintenance.

Model Capacity Pre-filter capacity Ozone generator
PP-RO-0.5 500L/H 1000L/H 3.50g/H
PP-RO-1 1000L/H 2000L/H 3.50g/H
PP-RO-2 2000L/H 3000L/H 6g/H
PP-RO-3 3000L/H 5000L/H 10g/H
PP-RO-5 5000L/H 7000L/H 15g/H
PP-RO-10 1000L/H 12000L/H 15g/H
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Sterilization water tank
Horizontal Sterilization water tank