Power belted product discharge Ideal rolls at the exit
Adjustable working surface High production output.

1. Sealing and Shrinking finished in one step.
2. Anti-adhesive Teflon Coated Sealing Blade and fire-stand glass fiber sealing blade holder ensures
neat and firm seal without smoke pollution. Overheat protect function extends the life span; Hand clamping protect device
avoids mistakenly damaging the product and also for the safety of the operator.
3.400º C stand durable transparent hood, convenient to watch the process enable prompt adjustment to guarantee
the best packing performance.
4. Advanced pin perforation device can fully release the air in the bag, ensuring a flat and nice shrink pack.
5. Heavy duty castor with lock device makes an easy move and locate.
6. AP-5540A Type is equipped with stainless steel feedout conveyor with adjustable height to improve efficiency.