1. Up and down magnetic switch prevent sealing mistakes, and protect the operators.
2. The input position is adjustable, base on the size of products packaged.
3. ‘Schneider’ PLC, ‘Schneider’ AC contractor, and Intelligent temperature controller performs stable.
4. Large power conveyer motor, with stepless speed regulating, ensures smooth feeding.
5. Up and down large power fan system ensures the excellent effect of shrinking in one time.
6. Super cooling system cools the packing and makes the figuration perfectly.
7. The size of tunnel can be customized as your request.
PBZJ5038 series sleeve wrapper is suitable for wrapping pop-cans,
bottles, etc, both with bottom-tray and without bottom-tray, working with PBSE-5038
or other PE shrink tunnels.
The machine adopts the Germany advanced technology and international
famous brands, which makes capability stable and using long-time.