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Model Power Voltage Speed Of turnplate Dia of turntable Mast height Machine size Film Pallet size Package size G.W/N.W Optional
PMH-FG-2000D IP AC3/220P 380V 50Hz 2.5 KW 4~6Kg/cm2 0~9r/min(optional) 2000(commonly 2000 custom-made) 550mm 76mm H2400mm(optimal 2000/2700/2900/3000/3100) LLDPE Film,width<= 500mm,out diameter<=280mm Capacity:2000Kg; max height=mast height-400mm 3000x2000xH(commonly 2000 custom-made) 1400kg/1300kg 1-Pannel 2-LCD Location 3- Safety doors 4-Power roller conveyor