This horizontal flow wrapper is applicable for packing pillow pack of various size solid regular objects,
such as instant noodle, biscuits, bread, moon cake, candy, medicine, commodity, hardware, toys,
or loose product loaded by box /tray, etc.
1. Simplified mechanic structure, easy to maintain.
2. The main control circuit takes the single chip developed by us, digital screen display controlled by frequency inverter.
3. The capacity and bag length are controlled by double frequency inverter,
controlled with step-less speed shift and wide adjustment. It can match well with the former working production line.
4. Highly sensitive respond optical sensor can trace the eye mark automatically and accurately.
It is not necessary to adjust manually after setting.
5. Independent temperature control for each sealer makes the perfect and tight sealing and suitable for a wide
variety of flexible packing materials.
Optional Parts
1. Solid ink date code printer.
2. Sealing jaw with hole punching device.